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The freshest blonde looks

Find your perfect blonde. Be inspired by our menu of techniques and tones, from honey, caramel and toffee tones to iridescent, creamy, platinum and blonde looks.

As rich as platinum

Platinum Purity
Platinum Purity is all about the purest and most precious of all blondes: platinum. It shows the pure essence of blonde in a clear and even tone. Monochromatic, simplistic and super-cool, this is high-fashion hair at its best.
Ask your Stylist for this look!
Find out how to rock this directional shade and make it work for you.
Make-up tip
Wear soft, neutral tones such as light violet and pale grey for a feminine look that complements your platinum hair.
Champagne Blend
Of course there’s nothing wrong with rocking your greys, but if you do want to cover up those silvery strands, then what better way than this subtle mix of warm beiges and neutral tones? It’s a look that oozes relaxed glamour with a modern twist.

Forever blonde, ever young

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Bring to life this soft, subtle, super-feminine look with styling inspiration.
Make-up tip
Keep eyeshadow soft and no darker than your iris. For example:
Grey Frost
Cotton Candy

Kissed by the sun

Rosé Blush
Capture the essence of summer sun in your hair with ombré, balayage and high or lowlights in must-have rosé, beige and gold tones. Focused around the face, this look will make you glow.
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This on-trend look is all about casual, lived-in texture and a breezy, beachy finish.
Make-up tip
Change your look from day to night. By day wear light shades on your eyes and lips, then, for night, choose darker hues.
Day eyeshadow: Butter Cream, Heather;
Day lipstick: Just Kissed
Night eyeshadow: Cocon, Pewter;
Night lipstick: Mango Peach
Honey Marble
Celebrate textured or curly blondes with soft grading; powdery, pared-down gold tones stretched from the roots to an illuminating glow at the ends. For those with dark-hair genes, this is how to make blonde your own.

Dust it with gold

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This technique is all about enhancing the natural texture of wavy and curly hair; find out more here.
Make-up tip
Wear bold colours such as jade green and cerise pink for an edgy look that sets off your golden tones.

Cool Blonde with an edge

Cool Fusion
A strong blonde, full of character and confidence. Embrace the world of icy cool tones, from light platinum to lustrous grey and metallic tones. Fused together, it’s an iridescent hologram of intense colour.
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Strong blondes work best with striking cuts; think Agyness Deyn and her career-transforming peroxide crop. Strong, sharp styles guaranteed to turn heads.
Make-up tip
Match your make-up to your mood with unexpectedly soft shades to express your individuality.
Caramel Glow
Uber-glamorous and always in-demand, warm blonde tones are always in the spotlight. Arguably the most-requested shade of them all, this look is all about sun-kissed blends of caramel and cream, painted on the hair for a bespoke look.

Soft & sweet

Ask your Stylist for this look!
Bring a little Gisele glamour into your life with this supermodel-inspired shade.
Make-up tip
Enhance your natural beauty with nude make-up.
For a brilliant touch, use a sparkling nail polish.

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